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This week your daily English challenges are based on the short animation

‘Lune et L’autre’


A little girl is filling her bucket from a well when the huge moon turns out to be a 'creature of the night.' He scares the little girl but it turns out that he is a gentle giant.


KS1 English Challenge 1 - Monday 13th July 2020


Today, we will be exploring how the girl felt that night. We will be exploring these feelings or emotions as exclamation sentences using exclamation marks and questions using question marks.


Remember that exclamation sentences are used to show strong emotions and begin with the words ‘what’ or ‘how’. For example, ‘How frightening he is!’


Questions begin with words like ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’, ‘can’, how’ and ‘do’. They end with a question mark. For example, ‘What was that noise?’


Look at the examples in picture 1 to show the features and structures of exclamation sentences and questions.

Read the exclamation sentences and questions carefully in picture 2 and then decide which part of the story it belongs to. You could just talk about the sentences with your adult, print them out and sort them or have a go at writing them with the correct part of the story.


KS1 English Challenge 2 - Tuesday 14th July 2020


Today you be imagining what the characters might be saying to each other. You will be acting out the story with an adult or sibling but you will have to include dialogue (what the characters are saying to each other).


Look at picture below. This will help you to think about what the characters are saying to each other but some of it is missing! With your adult, act out the story reading the dialogue. When you reach a missing word, discuss what might be said.  


Remember to show the character’s emotions in the way they speak.


KS1 English Challenge 3 - Wednesday 15th July 2020


Today you are going to write down your dialogue using picture 1 to help you. Fill in the speech bubbles using the dialogue you came up with yesterday. Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces when recording your speech. If you are drawing your own speech bubbles in your book, remember that it is easier to write first and then draw the speech bubble around your writing. If you struggle to think of some dialogue, there are some ideas to help you in picture 2.



KS1 English Challenge 4 - Thursday 16th July 2020


Today, we will be collecting a range of adjectives to describe the creature of the night. You will need to sort out appropriate adjectives to describe different parts of the creature - his eye, body and personality. Use picture 1 to help organise your adjectives. I have given you some adjectives in picture 2 to help you. Read the words carefully and decide what it is describing, e.g. see through describes his body and shy will describe his personality. Be careful because there are some words that don’t describe him at all. You could also think up some of your own adjectives and add them to the correct columns.


KS1 English Challenge 5 - Friday 17th July 2020


Today you will be using the adjectives that you collected yesterday to write sentences. You will be creating expanded noun phrases to describe the creature. Use Picture 1 to help remind you how to create an expanded noun phrase and then have a go at writing three expanded noun phrases of your own using the pictures on the sheet.  


Challenge - When you have finished this, write a character description using expanded noun phrases. Describe different elements of the creature making choices about the vocabulary you use. Use Picture 2 to help you write a character description.