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Once in a Lifetime

This animation is set in a fantasy world. A man is sailing his boat, through the air! He hears a noise and suddenly gliding into view are some giant, flying turtles.

Monday 23rd March:

When the film has finished ask the questions:
• Q. Who is the Skyman?
• Q. Where do you think he has he come from and where is he going?

Write your answers down in your new book. Give detailed answers thinking carefully about the use of interesting adjectives. Remember use your best handwriting.

Tuesday 24th March


Watch the film again.

Q. Where do you think the turtles came from and where might they be going?

Write your detailed prediction down in your new book. Use your imagination and be creative.


Have a go at the tasks below by writing the answers in your book. Remember a statement just means a sentence that tells you something.

Wednesday 25th March

Draw one of the turtles flying past the Skyman and then make a list of powerful adjectives to describe them. We will be using these adjectives tomorrow.

- enormous
- emerald
- unbreakable

If you want to do more English, try researching turtles.


Have a read of the text below and answer the questions. Remember to use your reading skills.

Thursday 26th March
Write at least four sentences using your powerful adjectives from yesterday’s challenge to describe a turtle. Remember every sentence should start with a capital letter, have finger spaces and end with a stop. If you put two adjectives together, you must use a comma to separate them.

The Skyman was shocked when ginormous, emerald turtles gracefully floated past him.


Friday 27th March 2020

Write an ending to the story. Where do these turtles take him? Remember to use some of the powerful adjectives from the previous challenges and think about how the characters feel.


Reading Challenge


Here is todays quick reading challenge. Remember to use your fantastic reading skills to answer the four questions.