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Something very exciting has arrived ....

** Fun Fact of the Day**

A Caterpillar has one job to do- eat!!! It's first meal is usually it's eggshell. 


Our Very Hungry Caterpillars

Still image for this video

**Fun Fact of the Day**

A caterpillar has 6 legs, 12 eyes and over 4000 muscles in it's body!! surprise

Here is another caterpillar update! They have been eating lots and lots. What hungry caterpillars they are.

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** Did you know...?**


Caterpillars move in a wave-like motion.

Moving from back to front! 

Caterpillar update!!

Still image for this video

** Fact Time!! **

Caterpillars produce silk!

Some Caterpillars use the silk the make their cocoon or to attach themselves to a leaf. That's how our hungry caterpillars are hanging from the top of the pot!

Some types of Caterpillars construct shelters or little silk tents by weaving the silk into a web! Just like a spider!

**Did you know?**


A Caterpillar makes it's Chrysalis by shedding it's skin. A bit like how snakes shed theirs. The chrysalis is used to protect the caterpillar while it turns into a liquid, soupy substance. From there it starts the transformation into a beautiful Butterfly!


Watch this video to see how it's done! laugh  

Look who has woken up!

Still image for this video

**Fact of the Day**

An adult butterfly will eventually emerge from the chrysalis where it will wait a few hours for its wings to fill with blood and dry, before flying for the first time.

Bye Bye Butterfly!

Still image for this video

**Did you know??**

Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet and feed on nectar from flowers.