Parent Views of Our School

Your views on our school in September 2016:

During our autumn term parents’ evening, governors spoke to parents about their views of the school. Of our 291 families, we had a total of 121 responses to the questionnaire which, on the whole, were very positive.

Click on the PDF below for a summary of the responses:

We are proud to say that 94% of you would recommend our school and over 90% of you agreed or strongly agreed with all questions except for those concerning homework and bullying.

Some parents have responded ‘Don’t Know’ to the question about how effectively the school deals with bullying because they have never had to raise a concern or had a problem with their child being bullied in our school.

In response to your views, we have already been involved in Anti-Bullying week with nearly 100 children getting involved in a competition to design a new anti-bullying superhero for our school.  Parents were invited to join in a family workshop on anti-bullying so that you could find out more.  We have updated our anti-bullying policy and one of our teachers is leading on this important area in school.

We will also:

  • Continue to ensure that your child is safe, well looked after, happy and well taught in school
  • Continue to respond appropriately to your concerns and to incidents of bullying
  • Continue to invite parents to parents’ evenings each term, be available on the playground each day and share end of year reports which give you information about your child’s progress in school
  • Use Class Dojo and Twitter (as well as Tapestry for children in F1 and F2) to keep you up to date with things like homework tasks and other learning that your children are involved in
  • Find out more about why you are not as positive with what we are doing with homework and consider the changes we could make to make families happier

Our thanks go out to all who completed the questionnaire. It is reassuring that you feel that we are doing a good job for your children.


Did you know that you can complete a quick on-line questionnaire about our school on the Ofsted Parentview website? This is important feedback which the school has access to and so does Ofsted. If the school is inspected, Ofsted will use this data.

It is important that as many Parents/Carers as possible fill this in so we can get a balanced and useful picture of our school and what it does. Of course, if you have a particular issue or want us to know about something we have done well, then please get in touch so we can resolve any issues and get better at what we do!