As well as our daily assemblies for KS1 and KS2 children, we also have special assemblies on a Friday afternoon where we welcome parents in to join us.

We will invite you to Mentions Assemblies on a Friday afternoon if your child is receiving a mention for something amazing they have done. If they have achieved something out of school and you would like this to be celebrated in school, let us know and we will arrange for this to happen.  You are welcome to come and join us to see these out of school achievements being recognised as well.

Each class has a special assembly at some point in the year. During the assembly they will share some of their learning with you and the children always get very excited about their families being there to watch.  As an extra treat for you, after the class assembly we will invite you back into the classroom with your child to join in with a fun activity together.

Mentions Assemblies and Class Assemblies both start at 2:30pm.

We ask that if you are bringing younger children to the assemblies, pushchairs be left outside or in reception as we have limited space in the hall and corridors and these need to be kept as clear as possible for Health and Safety reasons.

The classes have been divided into two teams for the Friday Mentions Assemblies. Please click below for information on when Mentions and Class Assemblies are being held this year: