Sand Lizards – Mrs Palethorpe

Here is our class page telling you about all the lovely things we get up to in Sand Lizards!

This half term in topic we are focusing on the Romans. We will be making mosaics, looking at artefacts, looking at what a Roman soldier would have looked like and how the Romans lived.

In Literacy we are reading the text Escape from Pompeii, which the children are really enjoying. This text links to our topic and is giving us lots of opportunities to read and research the Romans. The children will be writing setting descriptions and creating their own stories, thinking carefully about vocabulary and sentence choices.

In Maths, we are measuring. This week we have been converting cm to m and cm to mm.                                              Image result for ruler clipart

Our ‘Learn its’ for this term are our 11 time tables. Don’t forgot to practise and use

Timetable Rock Stars.

Also please remember to keep reading at home.