A mastery approach to the teaching of Mathematics

Since September 2015 we have adopted a mastery approach to the teaching of maths where we aim to teach each part of the maths curriculum until it has been embedded.  This means we will teach each aspect for longer.  Children will also be challenged to think more deeply about their maths so that they develop their reasoning and generalisation skills.

Developing Number Fluency – CLIC

Since September 2014, we have been using CLIC to develop our skills in maths.  All children from F1 to Year 6 are taking part in CLIC each day.  The following information explains CLIC and gives ideas about how parents and carers can help with CLIC at home.  You will find more information about CLIC  here.

Calculation Strategies

Please click here to look at our booklet about the different calculation strategies we use in school.  If you would like any more help with this, please speak to your child’s class teacher or to Mrs Gregg, our Maths Subject Leader.

The Compact Addition Method is used to add any 2 (or more) numbers together.
This method is particularly useful when adding larger whole numbers or decimals.
Click here to watch the Compact Addition Method Video


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